Silk Road Mountain Race Podcast 2018


Welcome to the Silk Road Mountain Race Podcast, a 12 part podcast series which will take you inside SRMR No 1. In the build up to the race we’ll be bringing you insight about Kyrgyzstan and its culture as well as the race itself. We’ll also be talking with a few riders about the challenges they’ll face and what brought them to Kyrgyzstan. Once the race starts we’ll have fresh content from the field thanks to our control cars that will be catching up with riders as they make their way around the race route. The podcast will be the main source of information to complement our social media feeds and what dot watchers will be able to glean from the race map.

We’re delighted to have the support of Shand Cycles for the race podcast. Shand are a UK bike company that manufacture a range of sports touring and expedition bicycles, specialising in custom builds, whose support has been instrumental in bringing you this content.

Shand Cycles

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EP1-Introduction to the Silk Road Mountain Race & Interview with Nelson Trees

Released 04 July 2018

In this first episode we will introduce you to Nelson Trees, the race director and discuss how this race came about, what challenges riders can expect, some useful tips, and the general philosophy behind the race. ENJOY