Photos: Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi, Tom Hardie
Words by Lian van Leeuwen

Today saw four more finishers coming in. Levente Bagoly arrived in an impressive 2nd place after 9 days, 3 hours and 30 minutes, followed by Kim Raeymaekers and Pierre-Arnaud Le Magnan. Alex Jacobson came in just a few hours ago, a few minutes past midnight (GTM+6).

As with Jay, the race has been everything in one for the tenacious Romanian. Upon arrival he expressed both his enjoyment – ‘The best part was from start to finish’ – as the extreme hardship of it all:

‘It’s so crazy hard to descent on these f.. roads when the speed is low and light is blinking and it’s raining and the wheels don’t turn in the mud and they suddenly block in a river crossing and I fall over almost break off my Garmin mount with my rib and I get all wet. Oh, and it was cold too.’

He also left a cheeky message for race director Nelson Trees who was at CP3 to catch up with other riders at that time: ‘Good you are not here. Would have been kicking you in the nuts man! Might change my mind before you arrive.’ I would worry if I were Nelson.

While the stories start coming in from the front, the ones in the back are no less impressive. Lantern Rouge Jon Woodroof had a hard time catching up with the remaining competitors after he fell behind on the first stint of this race. After making CP2 in the nick of time he was so determined to get to Naryn yesterday, he pushed through a snowy night until he had to take a quick rest under a bridge. Only to be woken by random loose cows and local kids. But beast mode seems to work. Jon has nearly reached the back of the pack heading to CP3.

Meanwhile last solo woman standing, Jenny Tough, made it to CP3 and is resting up before taking on the final stretch.

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