RECAP SRMRNo2 | Day 11

Day 11 on the PEdALED Silk Road Mountain Race has seen a further flurry of riders cross the hallowed (or perhaps more accurately given the epic proportions of the ride, somewhat unassuming…) finish line at Cholpon Ata. As the number of #SRMR2019 finishers swell it’s important to remember that each and every rider has achieved something completely unique to them and will have their own epic, individual story to tell of this race.

A host of riders obviously felt that breakfast at Cholpon Ata was just too good to miss, riding right through the night to finish in the early hours of the morning. First up was #SRMRcap052, Marin de Saint-Exupéry who, after ripping (then repairing) his tyre on Shamsi Pass, ended up having to ride the final 20km on his wheel rim! Having cycled FROM France TO Kyrgyzstan for the race and crossing the line in 9th place the big question now is: Where next??

Following on were the deserved winners of the pairs category #SRMRcap221a/b, Scotti and Ernesto Lechuga with a time of 9 days 20 hours and 4 minutes. Both with a background in pro road racing, SRMR could well have been a bit of a shock but these two certainly didn’t fit the profile of ‘pampered roadies’… not at all fussy about where they took refuge, they racked up an impressive list of (not so) desirable places to sleep including drainage pipes, in horse dung, in a bunk-bed with the guard of a gold-mine at 4,000m and finally in a ruined building with a dead cow(!). 

Stephen Wyatt #SRMRcap081, Klaus Thiel #SRMRcap041 and Miles Carlson #SRMRcap060 then also rolled across the finish line to make it in time for breakfast, watch this space for details of their rides to come.

Elsewhere in the race we heard more incredible tales of ingenuity and resilience: One half of pair #SRMRcap210, Michael Lapcevic, managed to repair his bottom bracket with a long screw and washer from a blacksmith. He reports that the fix works but the new pedalling angle isn’t great for his knee. This probably won’t be helped by the Kyrgz landscape not exactly being flat…

At this stage, unsurprisingly, many riders are now dreaming of the finish, trying to blast out the last sections in order to just get to the line. Although #SRMRcap028 Hayden Stevens muses that his days are “going to feel empty” without the #SRMR; luckily for him, along with many other riders, he still has 150km of the most difficult terrain of the race still to complete. 

There’s still almost 4 days until the final cut-off time for the finish (midnight on Saturday 31st August (local time)) so the drama is going to begin to hot-up again soon as the tail-enders battle to get a finish. There’s still a whole lot of race to ride and stories to tell.

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