RECAP SRMRNo2 | Day 12

Day 12 and riders are now literally queuing up to cross the finish line… Early doors after a ‘through the night effort’ was cap 26 Frederic Chambosse coming in 16th, along with 3rd pair cap 209(a&b), Michal Plata & Christian Holwek.

Cap 82, Stu Taylor followed in 17th place then, with some numericaly predictive wizardry, cap 18, Dan Hunt came in 18th… Then with even more weird coincidence, cap 22 and youngest rider this year, Eric Scaggiante came in right on his age -19. Cap 56, Max Riese took 20th spot then, this evening cap 15, Brian Anderson crossed the line, followed by cap 66, Oleg Sobko – the first Kyrgyz rider ever to finish the SRMR (& positively not the last!) and finally cap, 28 Hayden Stevens.

All the riders who lined up on the start line 12 (long) days ago will have, no doubt, planned and prepared meticulously for months on end for how best to race this race; obsessing about physical preparation, kit choices, bikes, strategy and any number of other factors, all to the nth degree. However, not one of them will have been quite prepared for how it feels to finish…

In the words of cap 225(b), Sue Paz Thunström (who would appear to have a faulty tracker) and crossed the line today as 4th pair together with her team mate Marika Wagner  –

“I’m so grateful and proud over my body and mind, my team mate and my bike I’m completely exhausted and relieved, I’m crying of happiness and pain but mostly of joy. 

I feel weak after the rough days and at the same time extremely strong. 

Just keep moving. That’s how you move mountains”

Away from the finish line, just spare a thought for the 40 riders still out on the course. Whilst the front end may have put in some super-human efforts to get there. The riders still out have been putting themselves through the rigors of this race for longer than anyone else. There’s still a whole lot of stories to come.

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