RECAP SRMRNo2 | Day 13

With 11 more riders crossing the line today, this year has now already seen more finishers than last year’s race overall. As we work our way back through the pack of riders, what is becoming more and more apparent is the amazing community spirit which this event fosters. Whilst all riders may be racing under their own steam, that certainly doesn’t mean that momentary partnerships and new friendships aren’t forged in the furnaces of SRMR adversity… Far from it. For us merely witnessing two or more dots riding in the same vicinity for a time we can only imagine the depth of conversations had, the mental support given and the life dramas played out, real time. Friendships formed under these circumstances are entirely different in nature to those from ‘normal life’ and in some ways they will prove to be the true lasting legacy of this race for many riders for years to come.

To quote Cap 13, Brandon Camarda, who successfully finished his race today in 26th place after returning to Kyrgyzstan from scratching last year:

“If this race has taught me anything, it’s that no effort is truly unsupported. The support and motivation from my friends, family and other racers along the way is what carried me through when I didn’t think I could.”

In the early hours, Cap 69, Patrick Miette, was the 24th finisher, having seemingly had enough of the race, he rode right through the night to finish. Then, throughout the afternoon, the pack, one by one (or two by two), battled through the final stages to complete their races: Cap 204 (a&b), David Binns and Ben Brooks – 5th pair; Cap 214 (a&b), Daniel Ralaus and Štefan Pinčák – 6th pair; Cap 83, Stuart Edwards – 25th; Cap 13, Brandon Camarda – 26th; Cap 8, Beat Heim – 27th; Cap 71, Raphael Albrecht, – 28th; Cap 74, Scott Fisk – 29th; Cap 25, František Kasanič – 30th; Cap 63, Nareshkumar Kondur; Nagabhushan – 31st; Cap 11, Berten De Canne, – 32nd.

Names, numbers and placings are currently poor substitutes for all the incredible stories, lasting memories and defining experiences that each one represents. In the coming weeks and months, as riders thoughts filter out, we’ll doubtless learn more and more about this incredible race. 

Now, with all remaining riders having passed Kochkor, the race is on to complete within the next 48hrs before the finisher’s party!

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