If you were to ask the riders the PEdALED Silk Road Mountain Race why they’re drawn to such an event, a large portion would perhaps say it’s the simplicity of life in the saddle. For just a few days uncomplicated days in otherwise complicated lives, absolutely everything can be distilled down to one simple question: “Will it make me faster?” Whether to sleep, eat, stop or to go, this is the question that rules it all… and there’s something truly intoxicating in its simplicity.

Day 5 on the race has now been and gone and for many riders, this strange existence will now, well and truly, be becoming normality. The end is still so far away that to even contemplate it would seem ridiculous but the start seems like another lifetime ago. To us watching, it may just be a few relatively normal days but to them it’s already been such an epic adventure as to shape the course of lives… 

And so the #SRMR2019 drama continues:

Most noticeably is the ongoing epic tussle between James Hayden and Jakub Sliacon as they both fly around the course, passing through CP3 today. What an absurd pace! Sleep seems to be a thing of the past for these two. BUT…. Will it make them faster???

Not far behind are Jay Petervary and Lael Wilcox, currently taking some well deserved rest at CP3. Hmmmm… will it make them faster?? What we’ve learnt from last year is that at this stage the race is far from decided…

One other hot contender for the leader spot was cap 99 Dion Guy. We’d been kept on the edge of our seats to see whether he would again join the front pack. Alas, a crash at the start of the day resulted in a shoe broken in two and a foot injury that made it impossible for him to continue. Chappeu. Great ride Dion!

CP2 seems like the place to be this evening with no less than 25 riders taking some well deserved rest in the high, remote yurt camp at Kel Suu Lake. Many more at the back of the field will now be battling hard to make the CP2 cutoff of 18.00 on the 23rd August.

So many huge and inspiring efforts going in right across this race!

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