It’s day 6 on the #SRMR2019 and incredibly we’re not even halfway through this race! Just how much more excitement can one race give!?!

The unfortunate events of last night concerning leader, cap 23, James Hayden and a couple of drunken horsemen have left us all in the knowledge that you get good and bad folk the world over… Fortunately in Kyrgyzstan, as in all places, the good vastly outweigh the bad. It has, however, left us with a vastly different look to the pointy end of the race. 

Although, for a large chunk of the day, we weren’t quite sure what that was… and uncertainty over the top spot has had us all biting our nails. Throughout much of the day it looked as if cap 44, Lael Wilcox had taken the lead, and that cap 30, Jakub Sliacan’s tracker had stopped updating. Was he on an extended lunch break? Not likely, as when the problem was fixed he’d maintained an impressive grasp on the race lead. Even so, with just(!) 70kms between him and Lael, those nails may well soon disappear!

Not far behind is Jay Petervary, Lael and Jay were on the same distance for a while. Did they chat? Apparently not (but Jay did approach, shouting Boo! Making her jump. Ah the banter…).

Avid dot watchers will have seen that James Hayden remained still today. He is ok, but had to spend the day giving statements to the Police after the incident last night. He hopes to get back on his bike again tomorrow.

The thick end of the race field is now almost entirely between CP2 and CP3. A fifth of the starting lineup are now scratched and for the others still hanging in, the race is both taking its toll and certainly leaving its mark:

Cap 225, Sue Paz Thunström –

“My back hurts, neck hurts, pretty much whole body hurts and brain that keeps asking what the #%* are you doing. And still right now there is no other place we would rather be or do than right here doing this.”

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